Me and my pumpkin! 

Good morning all! Wanted to share with you some pics of my little get away vacation I had. Woke up one morning feeling exhausted and mentally drained. So I decided to get on a plane and head to Dallas to see my grandson. I knew this would  defitnetly brighten up my weekend and bring joy into my life.

My beautiful daughter Aisha Simone picked me up very early that morning. What a beautiful morning it was. Especially leaving NYC where it was cold.

We are now going to surprise my grandson for lunch at his elementary school. By the way, I think it’s so cool that we could do this. I remember when my kids were little they didn’t allow this!

Omg! This is wonderdul
Hug Zone!

It was an amazing experience to do this. These are the experiences money can’t buy. It brought great joy in my heart to see my grandson in his elementary school and for him to give me a tour of his class room.

My grandson, did I tell you his name is Gabriel? Well he was so excited to see me and all he could ask was. Grandma are we going to do lots of crafts? “I am ready grandma” I told him absolutely. First up is baking.

Now let’s make cookies!

Cookie monster
I gifted my daughter a sewing machine last year and now she is ready to learn to sew. Aisha went a little nuts and thought she could learn in one day and start a sewing business the next day. Maybe she gets that ambition from me. Hilarious daughter of mine. Aisha did  amazing. Check out all she made in 2 days. She made around 6 throw pillows. By the way if you want to learn to make beautiful pillows come to Brooklyn Creative Studio and we can teach you well.

Isn’t this great! My daughter took tshirts of all the company clients she represents and made this Tshirt quilt. She did amazing! Great job  Aisha Simone

Now my pumpkin decided to model his pants I made him. He looks adorable.

So while I was in Dallas I decided to get eyelashes. She did an amazing job. Only cost $50.00 and they look great!

Thanks for taking time out to read my post.

Time to sleep. Good night

Rosemary Garcia


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