My happy morning! 

Good morning to all. I woke up this morning extremely happy! I rolled over to glance at the man I am married to. As he was in a deep sleep I realize what a blessing it was to be married to my best friend. Reality is, sometimes he says and does things that I want to scream over but the reality is. I love and highly respect this man! Very hard to find a true friend in this world we live in. But I was blessed by God with a husband and my best friend. I kissed his forehead and got out the bed. 

I prepared my self for work and peaked out the window to see so much sunshine. That immediately motivated and made me anxious to get to work to create some new clutch bags. I started to look around my shop/studio at Brooklyn Creative Studio to start pulling out some bright batik and Ankara fabrics to remind me of West Africa where I met my husband. So many choices, so much fun.. I pulled out 12 fabrics so that I will be inspired and motivated between teaching my classes today to make all twelve clutch bags. 

I love to sew and create things. I hope you get inspired in seing these bags. I have put a link to my pattern just in case your interested in also making a clutch bag. Very easy pattern to follow and it’s only $1.00 Pattern is sold here the proceeds go to my School I own and run in West Africa BCS in Lagos, Nigeria If your looking for Ankara African print fabric, here is a link for you to look at and these are just a few that we carry. Ankara sale fabrics Only $10.00 a yard. 

This Ankara clutch bag which I have named Miss Calibar is for sale for $35.00 Here

I hope I have inspired you to sew. 

Have a Happy Day! 

Happy Sewing! 

Rosemary Garcia 


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